Update: Have been back to Zimanga for five days / nights.....find the first shots on the content page

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What’s in the camera bag varies widely depending on what to shoot. Startet with analog photography long time ago, these days all of my images are take with high-resolution digital cameras combined with professional grade lenses for the best possible image quality. 

For this, I do trust Canon since my first days in photography, I am very much used to their operating logic and I have never been disappointed with their performance.

Camera Equipment

Since 2009, I mainly used a Canon 5D MKII and a 1D MKIV - both cameras still deliver top image quality. Many of the photos you will find in my portfolio have been taken with one of these cameras. To replace the 5D MKII with the MKIII never came to my mind, as the difference for me was not enough - but after the MKIV came out, I waited for the first feedback from other photographers and the first good offers. First good shooting opportunity was a trip to the Maasai Mara in October 2017. This was also the trip, where I realized, that the 1D MKIV was outdated - don’t get me wrong - autofocus still good, low light performance, shots per second - but the 5DIV came so close with much better image quality - so after one or two days, I limited the use of the 1D MKIV…. but on a safari, you need two bodies…so when I had a good opportunity, I added a 1DX MKII to my gear - what can I say….the combination of the 5D MKIV and the 1DX MKII is just perfect, although I sometimes miss the 1.4x crop of the 1D MKIV….


With top notch cameras, you need very good quality lenses. I once tried Sigma (a 12-24mm and a 120-300mm) - they delivered a good performance, but both had flaws in them - so right now, I only use Canon EF lenses from the L-range.


This one opens up completely new views, I have taken shots, which otherwise would have not been possible. But you need to be careful, when using it at the low end….it might look to wide….


A very light and capable lens - perfect for combining it with ND grad filters - my primary landscape travel lens

24-105/f4L IS

The universal travel lens - having said that, I rarely have used it after having bought the next one on the list


I can hear you - „Are you serious? You have been talking about very good lenses for demanding camera bodies….how can you go for a super-zoom???“ What is the best lens? The one, you have attached to your camera, when you need to nail the shot! And this one is so versatile - image sitting on a safari vehicle - one body fitted to a long lens and the other one maybe to a 70-200mm in case subjects are getting closer. What do you do, when you want to shoot a wide-angle elephant landscape photo when it is coming closer to your vehicle? Change lenses? Too late….and maybe dust on your sensor….if you have the chance, either buy one used or first rent one….I am sure you will love it….

70-200/f2.8L IS

The versatile lens for low light conditions - still Gen.1 of the IS….but does the job…

200-400/f4L IS EXT

Yes - Yes - Yes - I finally bought one earlier this year - and it delivers - you can even add another 1.4x III and still have lots of AF points - and the image quality is so good - most off the long lens shots from Zimanga are done with this one…

1.4x III and 2.0x III extender

The 1.4x is perfect - Gen.3 much better than Gen.2 - the 2.0x is just for „emergencies….“