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A photo enthusiast.....capturing wildlife, travel and landscape.
I took my first photos more than 30 years ago....a lot of black and white in the own darkroom in the basement of my parents home. It's a pitty, none of the films have survided. Flooding....so the only memory is one album.

Travel photography was the major topic at this time...but I stopped photography during my university and first years in the job. In 2008, I bought my first DSLR. I travelled to Chicago and the western states of the US.

So far wildlife and animal photography was not a hot topic, the necessary equipment was missing. This changed with the purchase of a Sigma 2.8/120-300. I went to a couple the zoos. Munich, Augsburg, Nürnberg, Leipzig and Hanover, just to name a few.  

Before I headed to Africa for the first time, I finally bought a super tele - a 500mm..

Since then, I have been to Africa for a couple of times, worked on my wildlife skills, also other travels around the world enlarged my portfolio....still to be posted on this site....

Hope you enjoy....